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Second Life

While we wait on reviews to come in for new album Second Life, released a few weeks ago, I discovered a little video jewel hiding in my drawer. This footage was shot in Summer 2016 while I was in session for pop song ‘If I Can Breathe’.

Studio sessions generally follow three parts: work on a main song; final edits to a mixed song pre mastering; and a jam session trialing newly-penned songs.

This last part of a studio session is the most fun because no buttons or knobs are involved, just musicians playing together. Producer Steve Hansen signs off the structure of a new song, we agree on the BPM and I then go back into my home studio to lay down guitar, vocals and/or piano, keys, bass, drums.

Hear you see me playing for Steve ‘Better Man’ and ‘Lucky One’, the second and first tracks respectively on new album Second Life.


Double A-Side Series

The last song ‘If I Can Breathe’ belongs to the forthcoming Double A-Side Series. The name for the series is partly inspired by the roots of analog music production. The first analog recordings of the early 1900’s were 78 rpm single-sided shellac records, with Columbia Records later introducing double-sided records. Shellac was later replaced by vinyl and by the early 1950s the term “single” was in popular use. Double A-sided singles had one song on either side of the record.

Much more of that to come later …