Beyond the Fold – Introducing Vlog Newsletters

“Beyond The Fold” are vlog newsletters (“vlogletters”). I’ll continue to email newsletters – just click the subscribe button at the foot of the page, but realized that there is always so much to tell you that it might be fun telling you on camera! Vlogilicious :-).

Below are some of the highlights.

Si Doucement

In this first episode, I talk about the pop song “Si Doucement”. We’re in the studio this afternoon signing off both the pop version and the acoustic version. I grabbed some video footage of Steve and I making final adjustments that I may post if it’s half decent.

Pocketful of Sand

I talk about the forthcoming single ‘Pocketful of Sand’, a piano ballad. We shot the video a while back. It shows the work of an amazing Instagram artist called Uniquelab. Or Sean as he likes to be known. More news about an April launch date to follow.


We’re completing the finishing touches to EP ‘2+2=4’, which has a lo-fi production quality about it. So, I’m aiming to launch this 4-track EP in a few months time. More news to follow.

Live video performance

To celebrate the launch of Beyond the Fold, I perform new song Really Tell which will be recorded as two versions. We go into the studio tomorrow afternoon, starting with the home demo I did for Steve, If we have time, we’ll talk about the idea for the acoustic version, which may use the piano instead of guitar. In the video above, the song starts at 2 mins, 42 secs.

Vlog it Up!

I’d really appreciate if you help me shape these vlogletters: Do you have questions about what equipment I use; what is the story behind a particular a song; do you want to see unplugged demos of bits of new songs etc., even ask me what are my favorite movies (“The Dressmaker” is awesome).

If you’d like to help shape these vlogletters, then please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel, leave a comment so that you can help me create something we enjoy together!

Or why not leave a comment directly below?

Thanks for watching and listening

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