Meet “Beyond The Fold”, my fourth vlog newsletter a.k.a. “vlogletter”. There’s always so much to tell you that it’s quicker and more fun telling you on camera!

In this fourth episode, I talk about:


Try Coming Round music video released to mark the launch of EP (0.30 secs)
Two more videos to come (1.15 mins)
River Running filmed in New Paltz and 4 blogs already written about the process (2.00 mins)
All songs being performed live in shows listed on my website (2.37 mins)

IN THE STUDIO (2.50 mins)

3 songs finished (3.03 mins)
Double Take album will be released in a year but double A-side singles before then (3.10 mins)
Whatever Happened to Love (3.39)
Really Tell (3.45 mins) see Vlogletter #1 to watch a Rough Diamond version
Same As Letting Go (3.59 mins) see Vlogletter #2 to watch a Rough Diamond version. Song was inspired by the BBC show “Taboo” and the amazing opening credit visuals.


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Check out the latest in-depth article I posted on Aug 7 about why I write and what triggered “2+2=4” in the first place.

Here’s an article about Same As Letting Go and how Taboo inspired the song’s lyrics and tone for the acoustic version of the song.


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