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Totally impromptu, Harry (piano man) said he’d listened a few times to the officially released version of Born By The Water, recorded in CT and filmed in Woodstock, NY. Well, how he turned that stomping folk song into a bluesy, evocative piece not only leaves a lot to the imagination but also a lot for a singer to work through having never heard it played like this before.

What you see is what you get: me following Harry to a song he and I had never before rehearsed. This version is becoming as much a favourite as the original, which you’ll see pop up at the end of the video if you fancy a listen of that too.

Drop me a line or leave a short voicemail using the vertical bar on the right hand side of the page, I’d love to hear which one you prefer. if the ‘ayes’ have it, I may do a blues version!



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