Recording Hush

I recorded my new song Hush at Hi-Top Productions, CT, USA. This is the only studio I’ve ever used to record my albums, singles and EP’s. But for now I’m here, in Edinburgh, and the journey to get back to CT to record other songs feels a long way away. You see, I left America in early January 2020, not realising the world would change in March and our lives would be upstaged. The virus has affected all of us in different ways, physically as well as emotionally.

Perhaps you, like me, are feeling displaced in your head, heart or even where you’re living. And maybe like me, you’re missing those little moments. If so, I hope you’ll relate to Hush and the optimism it hopes to send out.

Finding my voice thanks to Hush

I lost my voice for nearly ten months this year. It wasn’t laryngitis this time. Singing and songwriting felt like it was something decadent and that I should be focusing on more important matters like my family, my community, learning how I can help people with the skills I have. Thinking about it, I now realise that I was forgetting to think of myself.

Thanks to new song Hush and a kind stranger, I’m finding my voice again, as you can see from this recording. So, you’ll see and hear much more music in the New Year.

New Year resolution

Starting with Hush, I hope you’ll come with me on this new journey as we all try to make some beauty out of our every day :-). In this Covid era, I’d love to connect with you on Google Meet or ZOOM, we have some chats and play a few of the forthcoming songs. I’ll do some more digging around to find the best option.

Until then, enjoy this short recording of me spontaneously picking up the guitar and opening my little voice. Hush is due for release in Spring 2021.

Lyrics for forthcoming song Hush

Hush my little baby

Everything’s alright

Feel that I am with you

In this quiet of the night

And I know you’ll be singing

In a different place and time

I know this growing love is taking over my heart and mind

I’m with you my little baby

When you’re coming home every night

And I can I see your face is smiling

God, I think I got it right

And I know you’ll be thinking

About us and what we do

Believe I’m always there, ’cause I’d do anything for you

Oh baby this is love, it’s the only thing that’s true

Believe I’m always there, ‘cause I’d do anything for you

Oh baby this is love, it’s the only thing that’s true

Hold on

Hold on, just feel me, feel me, feel me, feel me

Just you know baby I love you, this love is true

Hush my little baby

Everything’s alright

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