Taking time out from the random bizarreness that COVID brings us each day so as to get back to doing music, starting with one of my favorite songs. This felt like the right time to sing an actual ballad version of If I Can Breathe.

I don’t know how other songwriters have been feeling but it’s been hard to pick up the guitar. This isn’t as a result of my creativity drying up: too often I’d write and sing every day. However, with COVID, I was anxious about friends and family, about the health of my city, my country, Europe, friends overseas, and…

Well, I felt singing and writing was decadent, that I had to instead help in any way I could to make a difference to others, to help join my community, and, in doing so, join in in my community.

We’re all dealing with this in different ways. Picking up the guitar one morning and, there and then, just deciding to utter notes, felt like a tonic.

Best I get me some more of that!

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