The Like Warriors video came together by chance. I was always going to release the single in December. Due to an amazing response to a Facebook post containing some of the lyrics and a photo of the block of flats in which I grew up, I had a sense people were interested in being a part of this. I wasn’t wrong. Thanks to former residents of Oxgangs and surrounding areas on Edinburgh’s south side, the video became a community video.

Check out the music page if you’d like to download the song.

Happy viewing.

Kathy x

3 thoughts on “Like Warriors (Official Video)

  1. WOW! I’m speechless and feeling very emotional. Truly amazing song and video. Born in Oxgangs in 1983 and still living there now.
    Like Warriors makes me feel so proud.
    Well done Kathy, you made a true masterpiece. Xx

    1. Hi Victoria, I’m so pleased to hear the song resonated with you. It’s clearly a special song for me and I’m so pleased the video was a combined effort, as communities should be. Very happy to see your comment, thank you again :-).

    2. Victoria, you may want to know I am releasing another video on Thursday which is an unplugged version of the song. You’ll find it here first thing. I’m also about to post a blog here on which is about Like Warriors and the creative process. If you prefer to hear the blog rather than read it, I’ve provided that too :).

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