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I was back in the States to do a few shows. We managed to catch this one live on camera at Rascal Flatts, Stamford, CT,  thanks to Ed Train. Rascal Flatts, Staford is a new venue for live music. The sound is exceptional, the stage terrific and Rascal’s is a great place to bring friends for good food and live entertainment. Ed Train presents an evening of featured acts and shoots their performance, as you can see here. You’ll even catch a snippet of Ed at the end of the video :-). A huge thanks to all friends and fans who came out to see Peter and I live. We had a blast and hope you’ll stay tuned to see upcoming events.

Music Maestro

It was so nice playing with Peter (Lenahan) again. When you only have a small window of opportunity to play with your favourite guitarist, you try to make it happen. Wherever and whenever you can. We rehearsed in kitchens, backyards and street benches before hitting the stage at the Horseshoe Cafe, Southport and Rascal Flatts, Stamford.

I’ll need to get Peter over to Edinburgh to do a few gigs! Peter and I played some of my favourite tunes which you can see in the 30-minutes video. The video includes the debut of new song Stop Walk Talk which I’m currently recording in the studio.

Apart from Try Coming Round, all of these are new songs and all have been recorded, so I think it’s time to start releasing these as singles, starting with If I Can Breathe. Stay tuned for more info. If you sign up for the newsletter you’ll get some fresh news early on 🙂

Same As Letting Go
Try Coming Round
What About Love
Stop Walk Talk
If I Can Breathe

Which songs do you like?

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