Pocketful of Sand music video out now

The sketch work you are about to see in this music video took place in one sitting. The images reflect a storyboard I provided to South Korean artist Jun (“Sean”), Sung Hyun. I spent months trawling the internet to find a ‘visual language’ with which to speak to Sean so that images in my mind’s eye when writing the song could come to life…. For a full background to the making of Pocketful of Sand, watch this 10-minute video.

Pocketful of Sand is available on, iTunes , Spotify, Amazon and all the usual suspects:). Soon to be available in my shop as a super high-quality MP3.

If you want to see more sketch work by Jun Sung Hyun, check him out on Instagram where he’s known and “Uniquelab”.

Here is the original Pinterest Storyboard for Pocketful of Sand  if you’d like to see the original concept.

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