First morning back in Edinburgh, sun streaming, a beautiful silence. The kitchen is my go-to morning place, as it always seems to lift me, put me in a great mood. I knew I wanted to Play at Edinburgh’s The Villager this evening. The last time I was there I sat on a stool and did the ballad version of Same As Letting GO. That got me thinking. How about I try a slower version of Try COming Round, one that isn’t so blues-rock rather-jazz-blues. Add a twist of swing in there too. I set the video film rolling and did a rough take.

It’s a great feeling starting to sing a song but not know how exactly you’re going to sing it. You just run with it: hear every note your guitar plays and sing along with it while, at the same time your voice is telling your strumming hand what to do next, what to obey. In tandem, you start thinking a few bars ahead at what you’ll do to marry with the guitar. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m happy with a good few moments in the performing of Try Coming Round. Playing it back, I have a few other places in the song where I could spice it up.

Come and have a listen tonight at the Villager on George IV bridge when the evening kicks off at 9pm.

Click to watch the official video. for Try Coming Round.
Which version do you like most?

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