I completed a new song called ‘Same As Letting Go’, inspired by the BBCTaboo show.  I ordinarily save new material for live shows only.  However, I’d like to share the creative process with you on this song and to give you some insight into songwriting.

So, to test whether a song works structurally and lyrically, I often like to sing it in various styles. This lets me hear the lyrics breathe at a slower tempo, gauge how well the words talk to each other.  And it also tells me if they’re relevant, as in the overall audio context of the song.

This 3-minute video is in two parts. The first half is a fast version of the song and the second part is the slow version.

When sung at a faster tempo I can tell if the lyrics are working well and can gauge if they suit this musical backdrop compared to the other version. What is interesting with this song is that. at a slower tempo the mood of the singer feels contemplative. Yet, when you hear the song at a faster tempo the mood and sense of the lyrics is upbeat, even optimistic. Actually, if I add a smile when I’m singing the song, then it’s definitely optimistic :-).

See if you agree and please consider leaving a comment below.

Same As Letting Go writing session_Kathy Muir_BBCTaboo

Same As Letting Go writing session inspired by BBCTaboo



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