The opening visuals of the BBCTaboo show inspired new song Same As Letting Go. Watch and hear the Rough Diamond Session of its slow version.

I’m a Scot living in the States and though I watch little TV, occasionally watching the BBC reminds me of home. The storyline of Taboo is far from soothing but has a way of luring you in. The production quality is exceptional and the acting superb, especially from lead actor Tom Hardy.

What made a deep impression on me were the opening visuals of Taboo. Symbolic imagery of someone underwater, their limp body aimlessly falling further towards the sea floor. The camera follows air bubbles that rise to the surface, becoming shadows humbly bowing to an increasingly penetrating sunlight. It’s wonderfully evocative and makes you think of so many contrasts: light/dark; hope/despair; fight/relinquish; body/mind etc.

BBCTaboo inspired lyrics for Same As Letting Go

With these thoughts running through my mind, I placed a pen in my hand and let my mind do the rest. Songwriting is a peaceful exploit, I mean the actual process of writing down words. It’s peaceful because you quietly contemplate each word, each verb. You figure out if the syllables flow well or whether you need to position your vocal differently so as to complement rather than conflict with the overall song melody. You pick up the guitar and let your voice follow your fingers, each trying to find a space to make their own. 


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