Today, a good friend of mine introduced me to Chrome Music Lab. after I’d sent her a sneak preview of a forthcoming music video. One thing led to another and it got us talking.

I was saying how I love to collaborate with visual artists on my songs and how I would love to one day find an artist who could use a Buddha Board to create an original piece of art for an original song.


Yulia then sent me a link to Chrome Music Lab, which had never heard of before. Chrome Music Lab is a website that makes learning music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. I took a look and had some fun with it. Technology has come such a long way and playing around with some of the modules made me think of when I was having fun with kids back in Connecticut helping them to draw pictures based on my songs.


Seeing this tool makes everything possible from a distance whether children are 2 miles away or 20,000 miles away and it is fun. EASY IDEAS I played whatever came into my head in three different areas.

Although these are playful in sound, seeing blocks and visual aids really can help children have some fun with music and creating songs. For one of the pieces, I played it back while finger-picking the guitar. It also made me think about how I’ve often been in conversations telling people about the building blocks of songwriting and likening song structure to a theatre stage. Chrome Music Lab can be my playful example for younger creators.


So, I’m going to record four different blocks of music using the Chrome Music Lab to try to create the bones of a song. Watch this space and let’s see what happens over the next few months.

If you’re excited or interested in these little demos, it just goes to show that it’s entirely possible to make wonderfully happy music with very simple tools. All you need is one heart, one big imagination, two ears and eyes, and LOTS of fingers! 

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