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We’re still in post production edit mode, but I’m excited to show you some clips from the forthcoming music video for Troubled Town, which is on the latest album “Second Life”.

I’m currently working with the talented Vincent Carnevale of Petrichor Design on the post production edits of new music video Troubled Town filmed in New York. There are some stunning shots of the Empire State Building that I can’t wait for you to see!

Remember, you can always download hi quality MP3’s from my shop. These are 320 kbps and of a higher quality than found on many online digital stores. What does that mean exactly? Well, thanks to more frequencies being represented, it means you hear all the little things, the little details that i wanted in the songs. It’s kind of like the equivalent of ‘small print’ in a document. And we all know how important small print can be :-).


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