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Official trailer

Watch the Official trailer for new song ‘Try Coming Round, taken from new EP ‘2+2=4’, out on July 28th. The song essentially explores a conversation taking place between a Cynic and an Optimist.

Roland Micro Cube amp

I used high delay and a grungy distorted sound on a Roland Micro Cube amp when I first started writing the song. This ‘lo-fi’ feeling helped nkeep the melody and tempo of the song simple yet spacious. It also helped frame the storyline that started to appear. Read more about the creative process on my blog.

More about EP ‘2+2=4’

The EP will contain four songs, of which The Other Side was released late last year. We filmed the music videos for the remaining two songs River Running and You Never Knew Me last week in upstate New York. More details to follow soon!

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