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So here I was last night, joining The Fez’ regular Celtic night. Two of these great musicians are featuring on a new song called Born By The Water, which we rehearsed only the day before. They asked me to come along the next evening to their get together, to listen and feel free to join in. I was eager to watch them play, and perhaps play a little myself. Just in case, I brought my book of cover songs first penned when I was 18, which includes Scottish traditional songs. If you had told me that, all these years later I would be sitting on a Stamford, CT stage with these wonderful troubadours playing The Massacre of Glencoe, Ye Jacobites, and The Wild Mountain Thyme, I would never have believed you. Thanks to The Fez for a great night. You made a memory.


Ye Jacobites by name lend an ear, lend an ear.

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