These are the final lyrics of new song River Running that I wrote about in my previous post. As with the theme of the song, they seemed to flow into the page. I’ve used some harmonics in the home studio version of the song in order to add more atmosphere, and I can feel the urge to add percussion.

There is something happy and sad at finishing a song: the creative process is over and now it’s time to ‘repeat’ i.e. perform. But, there is always a joy even in that :-).

Time to learn the lyrics off by heart and try out the song at this Saturday’s show at Seaside Tavern, Stamford, CT. Before even practising the song, however, I want to have a go at developing the song further in the studio here at home, with the hope that Steve (producer) is free next week for us to do the song ahead of the queue of four others, which are currently works in progress.

Handwritten lyrics of new song River Running

Handwritten lyrics of new song River Running

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