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Shot in upstate New York over a blistering summer, I wanted to shoot the video in New Paltz, a place that evokes nature and creativity. The official music video for You Never Knew Me is out on October 30th but for now here is the official trailer.

I originally recorded the song at home using a Roland Cube amp with a high grunge effect. This kind of lo-fi effect was inspired by the works of Joshua James. Once in the studio we switched things up and I had the joy of playing a 1964 Fender Jaguar! You Never Knew Me talks about how people think they know you but don’t always look beyond the obvious.

You can read more the Rough Diamond Sessions for You Never Knew Me here


Sipping softly on a sunlit day

Wish the sun would never go away

Brush my hands along the summer grass

I look up high and see a sky

That’s holding all my dreams

Slowly drifting on a summer breeze

Cast myself out to an open sea

Where the storm is taking over me

I look up high and see a sky

That’s raining down on me

You may say that it’s all a state of mind

Disbelievers are of every shape and kind

You think it’s easy as one, two, three

You know me now, but you never knew me

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