A winter morning. Yesterday’s arrival of our first morning frost inspired this simple 60-second piece. We’ve been pretty lucky with the winter weather so far. Although a crisp frost on the ground that morning, the cobalt sky was replete with birds flying in a flurry. Maybe it was too cold for them after all.

Click on the above to hear an audio transcription of the The Making of Winter Morning

Winter Morning #1 – Finger picking guitar

Takamine guitar perched on my knee on a piano stool

[image description: Close up of guitar sound hole while Kathy plays some chords of new song Winter Morning]

Winter Morning #2 – ambient sounds and felt piano

After sharing the finger picking version on social media, a photographer friend of mine Celia Bartlett (@ailecphoto) suggested I make something of this piece. I could tell from how Celia was saying it that this simple little piece resonated. As it did with me. I’ll often record ideas, but they don’t always make it to the home studio, the ‘mother bear’

Article: Writing Session PART 4: Let Me Tell You About ‘The Three Bears’

I have loved the calmness of creating a soundscape for Winter Morning using ambient sounds woven between piano and guitar. I had to redo the guitar given the quiet part in the original that strayed away from the tempo. As a result, I had to make sure the notes matched up.

I’m really happy with the ‘feel of this’ and the sounds I’m using. So the next stage is to forget the instruments. Instead I’ll only use my guitar and voice to explore where the song wants to go.

What do you think?

Where was the video shot?

I shot the video footage at my favourite place. I would often go to Cove Island when I used to live in Connecticut before returning to Scotland. On this particular winter’s morning, I’d gone to Holly Pond, Cove Island to see the birds. I do photography and only really take shots in black and white. Apparently I naturally see high contrast when looking at objects. Anyways, for video, I love using 8mm Vintage Camera . Although an app – and let’s face it, many come and go – director Malik Bendjelloul used 8mm in his Oscar-winning film Searching for Sugar Man.

[Image description: Black and white film using a pinhole technique. Seagulls are soaring and flying above an unruffled pond on a winter’s morning].

2 thoughts on “The making of Winter Morning – inspired by first frost

  1. Kathy-
    Both put a smile on my face. It drew memories (no pun intended, or maybe, but anyway.) of great adventures, laughter, and times shared.
    Your music is always a journey to remember by.

    Til later,
    Sharon & Me

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