I’m in the middle of a writing session for a new song River Running and thought you’d like to see some of the initial concept pages. It’s always a challenge to have an idea come to mind and then spend weeks figuring out if it’ll work or not.

I’m drawing a comparison between a stream becoming a river and a child becoming a man. I ended up reading about convection theory of all things – it’s amazing where your mind wanders – as it made me think of nature’s version of birth (water from the sky) and I delved back into one of my favorite books ‘Wayfaring Strangers‘ by Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr in which they talk about the migration of Scottish songs to Appalachia and how these songs were like ‘carrying streams’. Quote ‘the music flowed into the New World along a carrying stream. This current was prone to meander along its winding courses and a song might settle in a mountain hollow …’ .

So, my mind is wandering with words as my fingers play a melody I’m besotted with. In my head the notes even sound like a river. There are another 6 pages of notes.

Time to get back to the song :-).

MD Notebook - some of the concept pages for 'River Running'

MD Notebook – some of the concept pages for ‘River Running’. Handwritten notes taken from ‘Wayfaring Strangers’ (right)

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