Book Cover Judge (CD)


CD includes an 8-page booklet containing lyrics and my own photographs to represent some of the songs. There is also a mural etched onto the CD and the rear casing of the CD, created by artist Zora Janosova.

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The Book Cover Judge CD with a PDF Digital Booklet containing lyrics and my own photographs representing some of the songs and places that inspired them. Artist Zora Janosova created a bespoke mural entirely covering one of the walls in Hi Top Productions’ live room where I record all my songs. This wonderful work is etched on the inside of the CD casing. Cove Island is on the rear of the CD.

Track Listing

Click on songs marked in red to watch the music video

  1. Head Down
  2. Soul Lover
  3. Keep on Walking
  4. You’re on My Mind
  5. Lover’s Eyes
  6. Back to You
  7. Always Forever
  8. I Will Be There
  9. You and Me Both

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