Second Life (digital album)



Second Life is the latest of three studio-produced albums recorded at Hi-Top Productions recording studio by Producer Steve Hansen.

This is a 320 kbps high-quality digital download of 11-track album Second Life.  Because these files are higher resolution than found on iTunes/Amazon and other streaming stores, you can hear instruments and frequencies you wouldn’t ordinarily be able to hear. Have a listen to each of the tracks here a listen to the album Second Life digital album where you can also buy tracks individually.

Track Listing

Click on songs marked in red to watch the music video

  1. Lucky One
  2. Better Man
  3. Simply That
  4. Honey Child
  5. Stop Messin’ Me Around
  6. I Want to Lay Down
  7. Born by the Water
  8. Never Felt Like a Woman* coming soon
  9. Like Warriors
  10. Troubled Town
  11. Second Life

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