Full Instagram Live performance of Show ‘7 on 7’

This video is a recording of my Instagram Live 7 on 7 show, which took place on 18 April 2020. The reason the show is called 7 on 7 is that I perform seven songs at 7pm GMT (2pm EST, 11am PST).

An interesting setting, I performed completely unplugged using only the natural reverb found on my spiral staircase. As a nice touch to the 7 on 7 concept, I performed on the 7th step. 7 on 7 on 7.

This is a chance to hear the songs the way in which they were first intended: raw and natural.

I performed three new songs (Same as Letting Go, Easy, Call Me By My Name) in this, the first show in a series for which I’m asking listeners to make a small donation. However, not to me.

Red Cross Music Donations

Instead of people coming to see me play and pay an entry fee – impossible in this current climate – I wanted to do a show where folks could contribute not to my pocket but to those of organisations on the frontline fighting against COVID-19. Which organisation straddles all those countries with the same goal?

Which Organisation?

We’re all in this together. Rather than ask you to donate to different organisations specific to your country, I really feel the Red Cross is a global-wide organisation that, across countries, is:

  • Taking care of vulnerable people
  • Delivering food and medical supplies to those self-isolating
  • Getting people home safely after leaving the hospital, thus helping to free up hospital beds
  • Easing pressure in A&E and ER rooms by providing practical and emotional support

They have also been working with NHS hospitals for the last 70 years”.

Read my 7 on 7 blog post for more information:

This intimate show speaks to a mix of  genres and is imbued with my love of collaborating with visual artists, a format I’ll be using on weekly future shows during which I’ll show artwork linked to certain songs.

The next show is Saturday April 25th at 7pm GMT. My social media handle is ‘Theleens’.

Below is the list of songs performed 18 April. See you on Instagram Live.

Set List


Honey Child

Same as Letting Go


Try Coming Round

Call Me By My Name

If I Can Breathe


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